berlinerpool arts network
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berlinerpool is a non-for-profit platform of artists, curators and project spaces that has been growing since 2005 and is constantly expanding. berlinerpool is a physical and digital archive that provides information on national and international artists, curators and art spaces in Berlin. berlinerpool develops curatorial projects and cooperates with cultural institutions.


Our vision is to establish a strong platform for preserving, providing accessibility, spreading and making of culture in Berlin.


By structuring, saving and contextualizing information, berlinerpool takes a mediating position between individuals, making their work and ideas accessible to professional and wider audiences.


The berlinerpool team is an organic collective. Depending on the topic and the technical requirements of the project, berlinerpool invites various actors from the Berlin and international scene to participate in the development of the concept and its implementation.


In an interdisciplinary and collaborative way, berlinerpool explores the interdependencies implicit in the process of making culture at large, bringing people closer by sharing resources, exchanging knowledge, and mapping contemporary concerns. With this aim, berlinerpool’s public program of exhibitions, talks, workshops, study visits, international projects and goal-oriented residence programs responds to the fields of curating, arts management, archiving practices and digital realm, understanding an on-going research as the axis to actively engage and mobilize people, projects and ideas through local and international cooperations.


berlinerpool was awarded for its outstanding programming with the first Prize for Art Project Spaces and Initiatives in the Field of Visual Arts by the Berlin Senate Office of Cultural Affairs (2012). In the past years berlinerpool received grants from local and international organisations.

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